I dabbled in fall and this is what I found.

Usually by this time in October I have successfully enjoyed some fall goods. While it’s still in the upper 80’s out there sometimes, it’s really hard to make soups, chuck roast stew (Thanks a million times over to Amanda for the meat!), or finally… finally attempt to make gumbo.

As pretending it’s Fall marches on, at least these foods keep the blinders on our eyes.

My FIRST biscuit from scratch.  I followed Alton Brown’s recipe with some of my own sweet additions.

Wish I could say it was great.  Note: Must improve this skill while we live in the South.

Anyone have a fool-proof recipe?

Hint: brushing with melted butter + drizzle of honey makes everything a-okay in the end.

Visited with my sisters this weekend and indluged in classic Fall-girl-food.

Cheese. Of any kind. Oh yeah, and almost a whole box of Wheat Thins.

(In hiding is the Pumpkin Spice Latte Coffee Cake we devoured for breakfast.  Make it…you won’t regret it.)

Here is where Mr. Raw-Onion-Loving-Husband would have loved to have been with us.

Crock Pot French Onion Soup.

How Sweet Eats, you did it again. Stop being so…so…wonderful!

(Didn't care about a picture at this point, sorry. just eat.)

And then we had to have juuuuuust one more girl food.

And no recipe.

Just a blue package with cute Halloween-sprinkle potential.

Don’t you just love girl food?

(Disclosure: The weekend ended as Chad and I devoured a supreme pizza from BJ’s.  Hello meat!)

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