food: the bucket list

Pintrest is really really dangerous right now.  I want to cook.  Bake.  Craft.

But for three more days I am bound to….Summer School.  3 more days!

But you know me, that doesn’t stop us from eating well.

I love that Pintrest can also serve as a Bucket List.  My pal Ally Ringer introduced the ‘Happy List’ to me back in the days at Camp Sambica.  I really love adding to that list.  Things that were added were things like you, hubs.  Honeymoons.  Living with your best friend.  And oh the list could go on, and on, and on, and more mushy.  Let me spare you.  I’ll go back to food.  This food bucket list of ours..(me cooking, Chad eating)…expands everyday.  So we must get started! I don’t expect to takle all of it for the sake of health and sugar-sanity.  But there are so many I can’t wait to make and bake.

Crazy Feta: check (loved! although i would minus the jalapeno next time)

Banana Bread Pancakes: coming soon!

Buffalo Chicken Tacos: almost a check. Didn’t have tortillas. Bummer.

PB&J cupcakes: consumed at Meagan & Dustins shower thanks to Natalie! They were delicious!

Chocolate Macaroon Peanut Butter: not yet.  Why? When Whole Food’s is so good?

Lemon Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes: the winner. So good.

Now here is the dilemma.  I bought a bunch of apricots yesterday.  Don’t know what to do with them.  A friend, Elaine, makes the best scones I’ve ever had. Thinking of apricot scones?  Any other ideas?

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